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Helping investors to diversify into real estate — yet follow a low-risk investment strategy.

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Use real estate tax credits as an investment tool — and as a prudent tax planning strategy.

Most people think of only two ways to invest in real estate: by acquisition or by development. Both scenarios can result in fantastic successes — and in spectacular failures.

There is an alternative more in line with the objectives of investors who wish to take advantage of — or diversify into — real estate but follow a more traditional, solid investment strategy. Our firm, the Cherrytree Group, matches investors with high-quality developers spearheading projects which qualify for lucrative investment tax credits. These range from historic tax credits (offsetting as much as 40% of a project’s cost) to renewable energy credits (up to 30%) to Brownfields remediation credits (up to 50%).

Investors considering this avenue should note that the primary objective of these transactions is to gain tax benefits rather than to gain appreciation or residual value.

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